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„Why does my child get angry so easily? Why can’t they sleep alone? Why does my child have blackouts at exams?“

It’s questions like these that I find answers to. My visualization coaching is thorough as we explore all three levels – rational, emotional, and physical.

A Wall Full of Answers

Behind every picture is a child with their personal issue. It represents a journey that we have mastered together as a team.


My Story

Discover why misunderstood kids touch my heart and I have devoted my career to helping them and parents like yourself.  

Sonya Mosimann

Visualization Coach ¦ Founder of mindTV ¦ Public Speaker ¦ Educator ¦ Author

Pictures Became my Answer

„I was born in New Zealand. At the age of 9, I moved to Switzerland – a transition that proved to be challenging for me. No more ocean, less expansiveness, a different climate, different people, customs, food, and language. I turned into an unhappy, frail, and at times, depressive girl.

This soon manifested itself in school, where I had to contend with various obstacles and, on top of that, dyslexia.

Unable to recall what I had learned in any other way, I began transforming the school material into images. I created mind maps and visualized entire processes. This approach allowed me to achieve good grades despite learning difficulties.

Thinking in pictures became normal for me, and eventually, it even became my profession.“

„The perceived weakness became my greatest strength.“

A Heart for Children

My own story helps me identify with the worries, troubles, and needs of children.

I have a deep understanding of the frustration and even physical pain when one simply cannot concentrate. Feelings of being misunderstood, not fitting in, not being good enough.

Or the resignation when a child cannot showcase their true potential in crucial moments and the conclusion is drawn that they are not intelligent.

A Heart for Parents

Also with parents I can identify on a personal level. My own son was challenging in multiple schools due to a complex mix of ADHD, Tourette’s, and other behavioral issues.

The search for answers for him eventually led me to this path. It was a difficult journey with many dead ends and detours, but it was also a path where I found answers – answers that I can now pass on to you.


Kids & School

Why is my child blocked in school?

We get to the bottom whether being stuck was triggered by previous failure, a wrong answer, or a comment from a teacher. We identify feelings like frustration, anger, and fear associated with numbers, letters, or learning.

Especially with school-related topics, I always focus on building your child’s confidence in their own abilities.

Kids & Anger

Why does my child get angry so quickly?

We embark on a search for the true reason behind the anger and find out whether it involves a power struggle, a self-protection reflex, overwhelm, deficiency, or self-punishment. We decode hidden triggers and reveal less obvious feelings that lie at the root of the anger.

On the topic of anger you can find my latest concept 7-Day Anger Taming Program for kids between 7 – 12

Kids & Sleep

Why can’t my child sleep alone anymore?

We explore whether your child has heard or seen something specific and unravel what has been pieced together in their young mind.

We identify feelings of fear or uncertainty and needs for protection and comfort. We also examine the sleep pattern and habits.

Together, we find the answer to what is preventing your child from sleeping in, through, or in their own room.

Visualization Coaching

Helping Children

In this video, you’ll see some scenes from real sessions. You’ll see why I consider this the best job in the world. ❤️ 


00:32 ¦ Dealing with Feelings
05:33 ¦ Watching TV in the mind
07:15 ¦ Protection Suit
07:55 ¦ Dog Language
08:58 ¦ Treasure Chest

Girl, 8


Girl, 8

Picky Eater

Boy, 7

Eating Disorder

Girl, 12

Learning Difficulties

Girl, 7

Sleeping Alone

Boy, 7

Sibling Rivalry

Girl, 9

Anger Outbursts

Girl, 7

Sibling Rivalry

Girl, 8

Separation Anxiety

Boy, 8

Victim Mentality

Boy, 9

Learning Difficulties

Girl, 7

Sibling Rivalry

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A  breakthrough 7-Day Anger Taming Program for kids from 7 – 12 years old to end yelling, hitting and Anger outbursts.

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